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    Welcome to Presyous Templates, 

    I offer a variety of printable Planners, Calendars, and Journals for your Personal and Commercial Usage. 

    My Product Sizes include:

    1. 4 * 6 Inches
    2. 8.5 * 11 Inches
    3. 6 * 9 Inches
    4. Please message me for any custom size request. I can fulfill custom made files within 24 hours of confirming I am able to create the file.

    Page quantity is listed in each product description. Please message me for any custom template page amounts. I can create custom packages with up to 200 pages per file. 

    Amazon KDP Interior Bundles:

    1. Wide Ruled Lined Notebook Low Content Interior Bundles- No Bleed

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Wide Ruled Lined Notebook Low Content Interior Bundles- With Bleed

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. College Ruled Lined  Low Content Interior Bundles – No Bleed

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. College Ruled Lined  Low Content Interior Bundles – With Bleed

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Sketchpad Low Content Interior Bundles – 

    4 * 6 Inches

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Prayer Journal Interiors

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Delivery Driver Logbook Interior –

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Trader Logbook  Interior

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Children Activity Books and Interior Bundles

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Guided Prayer Journal Interior Bundle

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Daily Affirmation Interior Bundle

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    1. Content Planner Interior Bundle

    8.5 * 11 Inches

    6 * 9 Inches

    Amazon KDP Book Cover Bundles: Book Cover Sized to fit Book Interior sizes listed in Product Description. Please Message me if you would like a Book Cover Bundle in a different size.

    1. Composition Notebook Cover Bundles
    2. Prayer Journal Book Cover Bundle
    3. Delivery Driver Book Cover Bundles
    4. Children Activity Book Covers
    5. Trader Logbook Covers
    6. Sketchpad Book Covers
    7. Guided Prayer Journal Book Cover


    1. Printable Undated Calendars
    2. Printable 2022 Calendar Bundles
    3. Printable 2023 Calendar Bundles
    4. Printable Daily Affirmation Journals
    5. Printable Meal Tracker Planner
    6. Printable Mood Tracker with Daily Affirmation
    7. Printable Guided Prayer Journal
    8. Printable Content Planner

    We offer Multiple Size Interior Templates, Please Use the Personalization Product Option if you would like to purchase one of my templates in a different size. 

  • 2022 Mississippi Flash Flooding Aftermath, Come ride with us.

    We recently experienced some flash flooding. This video was recorded around the Ross Barnett Reservoir area in Rankin County.. Now most people in Jackson, Mississippi have no safe running water. Some families lost their homes in this process. I was devastated when I heard they had to bring out the BOATS to get Children home from daycare. I couldn’t imagine the fear the children and their parents felt . This video was recorded after most of the water was gone. I attempted to go before today, but it was honestly unsafe and I didn’t wanna risk getting in anyone’s way.. Please keep everyone that has been affected in your prayers. Thankfully my area wasn’t affected this bad, we only got a few inches of rain. It’s mostly dried up now. I was able to get close enough to see an alligator “catching some fresh air”. This was my first time seeing an alligator in person, THAT WAS THE BEST PART OF MY DAY!!!!!!!

  • Create A Forex Trading Journal with me using Canva. KDP interior, Etsy Printable, Plus more included

    This video included a full tutorial for -Trading Journal for Forex, Options, Stocks, Crypto and Futures. Market Conditions Days of the week Time/Session Pair/Name Lot Size/Amount Buy/Sell Price Profit/Loss Bid Notes I also included how to turn this template into a sellable Etsy Printable and KDP Journal Interior.

  • Create a Product using Canva, that you can sell Online – Ultimate Planner Bundle

    This mini series will show you the steps needed to start a business from home using Canva. Please Like and Subscribe to be alerted when new parts to this Series are uploaded. I will Upload the Full Video plus break the video down into shorter fully detailed segments.

    Part 1 Intro

    – Intro to creating a sellable template on Canva in less than 1 hour.

    Part 2

    – Open Blank Planner Template from home screen on Canva.

    – How to Create a planner that will sell online?

    Part 3 – Undated Monthly/Planner

    – How to add margins on Canva?

    – Why is Margins important?

    -Background/No Background

    Part 4 – Undated Monthly Calendar

    -How to Create an Undated Calendar from a Blank Canva Template

    -Different edits and how to use them

    – Very Detailed Instructions

    — Grouping, Positioning, Plus more ‘One-Click’ edits

    – Fix Mistakes

    Part 5 – Finish Monthly Calendar

    – How to fill extra space with relevant information

    -How to add and change Backgrounds

    Part 6 – 1/2 way done in less than 30 mins!!!. Start the Weekly Agenda

    -Weekly Agenda Intro

    Part 7 – Do simple edits on the templates

    – How to Change the Color to Match the Background

    Part  8 – Weekly Planner 

    -Grouping, Duplicating, and Positioning

    Part 9 – Hourly Schedule

    Part 10 – Daily Planner and Final Touches.

    Try not to skip too many parts. Every part is very important. Feel free to comment and questions or request pertaining to this video.

    Full Video #2 will discuss

    -How to edit a Canva Template,  How to list and sell on Etsy ( Full Directions), Sell on your own website,  and the benefits of using Pinterest. ( Very Detailed). Plus like and Subscribe to be alerted when Video #2 of this series post.

    Use this beginner friendly, full tutorial video to start a business today using Canva. You can work along with me or purchase this premade template and edit it to sell online. This template can also can be created and use for your personal daily planning and organizing.

    You can edit the color, design, change any of the elements plus more using this video. If you found value in this video, please like and subscribe so you can be alerted when I post new full videos tutorials on Calendars and Planners that you can create, design and sell online. This video will also briefly go over a few online platforms where you can make money selling Digital/ Printable Calendar and Planner Templates and other downloadable files

    Try Canva Pro Free for 30 Days – https://partner.canva.com/Presyous

    Visit my blog for more Canva Templates – https://presyousplanners.blogspot.com/

    Presyous Calendar and Planners Online Store – https://presyousdigitalproducts.myshopify.com/

    Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/presyous1/

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